Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~Thinking of Independence Day~

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day! Ok, well actually I must confess, I don't think there is a holiday I really don't like...(sigh)! I love to decorate my yard in red, white and blue for the holiday. Today I was searching for some new ideas and came across a few that I thought worthy of sharing. Hope you enjoy the eye candy...

Oh my, do you think I should put this in my yard?
Not sure if JB (that's what my husband's friends call him) would let me add a bike, I already have a wheel barrel, wash tub, old windmill...the list goes on!

Now maybe I could sneak this in next to the ladder full of plants...think he would notice?

Oh and a wagon wheel, don't have one of those yet!

I think I could add these without much notice!

Hope you all like to daydream as much as I do!
See you tomorrow!

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