Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HappyNew Year - A little Late!

I have been a very bad girl!  I love to read blogs, lots of reading all of these beautiful blogs I somehow got lost...I started feeling a little down!  Is my blog not good enough, can't I write very well, why after all this time don't I have more followers?  The questions and self doubt all starting coming at me like I was in the middle of a cross fire!  I joined a Blog Sorority and immediately felt like an outsider, not a good thing!  I know there was no intention or ill will, it's just the spot in my life where I was...

Well, with 2012 there are gonna be some changes going on around here.  First off in the next month, my little 'ole blog and store site are both gonna be getting an updated look.  Second, I am changing the name, one that better suits me and my business.  Yes, I am going to work very hard at getting my business off the ground and running good! 

I think that I have always been a "pleaser".  Doing what I think people expect of me, having the job that I think everyone wants me to have.  Well, let me tell you sister, I've not been happy for a long time, I am a more creative person, I have suppressed that to "conform".  I am almost 50, I need to quit making excuses and start fresh, for this is my year! 

I hope that the holidays were great for everyone, and I wish the New Year will be everything you need or want it to be!  We have to work hard to make things happen!  So let's roll up our sleeves and get busy! 

I look forward to all the new happiness and happenings this year!