Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

As 2010 comes to a close, I simply want to say …
Thank You!

It has been almost a year since I started blogging!

I’ve had the blessing to meet many new people online that I would have never had the pleasure of meeting any other way!

I have been comforted, encouraged and touched in so many ways…

There has been laughter, tears and success!

I have been part of your joy, pain and sorrow, from afar!

I have a sisterhood that started in the mind of one special person who had the courage to follow that dream and it did become a reality…a huge success!

Every visit that I have made to others and every visit that is made to me holds a special place in my heart!

So as this year comes to a close…

If you have had a year full of good fortune, may it continue…

If you have had a year full of sorrow, may you find peace and joy…

If you have had a year full of misfortune in any way, may good fortune find you…

For 2011…May your Dreams come true

May you Succeed in whatever you do

Find Love, Peace and Happiness

Share your talents with someone,

And never quit Creating…

Blessing to you all from Terrie at Porter Place Cottage!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Ready for the New Year!

This year I have been a slacker!  I wanted to post more on my blog, wanted to do more in my house, the list just goes on and on...But I can only do so much!  This year has been a lots of trails and tribulations...laughter and tears!  Not having a job, trying to over come health issues and work on financial issues has been a bit mind say the least.  But 2010 is almost over!  I am looking forward to the next year! 

I am going to do more, make more time for the small things, not worry so much about the things I can not control (oh I wish this where true...I've always been a big worrier)!  But with the New Year will bring a new adventure for me...I can not wait! 

With that, I have decided to share a few long overdue pictures of my Christmas tree and a few little decorations in my living room!  I hope you enjoy...

My Livingroom Coffee Table...
this is an old kitchen table that I cut the legs off of!  I love the patina!

My front entry! 

Another picture of the front entry...

Christmas Tree in the Livingroom!  The only tree I put up this year, usually have one in the familyroom also!

My country tablescape in my Diningroom.  I love these snowmen!

Well, I hope you loved taking a little peek at my Christmas Decorations!  I hope everyone's Christmas was Merry!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I just have to say that getting older was not at all what I thought it was going to be!

With the remarkable age of technology, I have come to find friends from my youth, friends from school, girl scouts and more…What a true joy it has been to get back in touch with them!

With that I must say that…I love that the women in my life right now...

For today, they are in my life because I love and adore them!

I don't have time for anything else!

I have met some truly amazing women over the years…some of them are here in town with me, some are in other cities and states…some are in another country…

Some I talk to only a few times a year and we both know how much we mean to each other.

Some I just have to think of them and smile.

Some have made my life so full of joy and laughter!

Some have brought tears.

I am THANKFUL that we all have different gifts, talents and strengths.

I love that I spend an hour talking to them or only 5 minutes…they are true friends, they are genuine and real.

Some friendships have lasted years some only months.

I have had amazing friendships and others that were not.

The one thing I know is that every friend that I have been blessed to know has made me a better person in some way.

Maybe not fun at the time...but I have always come out on the other side a wiser person. Shawn…we became “sisters” at an early age, from early morning paper routes to Christmas and boys we shared so much, I was sad when you left and rejoiced when we found each other again!

To Jen, Margie, Kelli and Chris...the 80s were great for hair...we may be the reason that the ozone has holes however!

To Pam...Thank you for being my friend in a new school, the transition that could have been so uncomfortable was so amazing.

To Kim...thank you for all the times we stayed late at your store, joked about Dave and shared stories of our families and friends…I wished those days were still here, I miss them (and you) the most!

To Renee...thank you for knowing the beginning and middle....I hope you will still know the ending.

To Sherry...thank you for all the BAD things we have done together. Those have been some of the most fun times of my life! I know that you would never judge me. I love you for that.

To Dorothy...thank you for all the walks and times shared with our “little girls”. Family time, game time…it really doesn’t matter…My time with you will ALWAYS be one of the most precious in my life.

To Dyanne...thank you for all of the time spent together, with our families from dinners to traveling and more! The pleasure has been mine…

So, to all the amazing women I have are the most incredible, encouraging and strong women I have ever met! This is just a small list of those women, there are so many more that have touched me in different areas of my life, without each and everyone of them, I would NOT be who I am today!

I received this via email from a friend and asked her if I could use it, but of course make changes to make sure it "fit" my friends and life...she said yes...but she received it from someone else so with that...I do not know the original author but what a GREAT thing to honor our FRIENDS (and a special Thank You for coming up with it)!