Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~Internal Battle~

I have an internal battle going…our house has a fairly large formal living room as you come in the front door (don’t most homes?). In the back off of the kitchen we have a very small family room (which happens to b 2 steps down from the main house). My battle…should I switch the 2 rooms? Our family room just seems too small right now! It is the main room we gather in when we have company (because of the TV and all the sports…the men like to watch)!

Is it weird to have your “formal living room” in the back of the house?? Does it even seem strange to you that I would have this battle?

I have been struggling with this dilemma for a week now! It was all prompted by my son…oh that boy! He is getting a new apartment and is taking our furniture in the family room. So on our quest to find new furniture the subject came up, switch the 2 rooms or leave it as is… Oh what to do……Any suggestions or comments on the big switch I would appreciate.

Well, that's it for today...BUT PLEASE come back tomorrow.  Iam going to feature a lovely blog that I found this week.  She has some amazing ideas!  See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~Back from a Little ( R & R~

We went to Vegas!  How crazy are 4 old adults going with 3 21 year olds?  I felt like I had o be out of my mind for even thinking of it!  My baby girl turned 21 the end of August.  Her best friend turned 21 middle of August and our friends daughter 21 in April.  Try keeping up with all three of them in Vegas...I felt so out of shape and am still tired 2 days after coming home.  It was a blast though!  Wouldn't have traded being there with them for anything!  I will give you a peek at some of the photos we took.  All in all I think between us all there were over 1500 photos taken in 4 days!  I won't get crazy and show you all of them though!!

Ah, the three 21 year olds.  Christina, my beautiful daughter Ashley and Nikki at the fountain at the Flamingo!

Nikki and Ashley taken a picture of themselves!  We were at In-N-Out Burger.  Christina's favorite place to eat.

The Gardens at the Bellagio.  All decorated for Fall.

Huge Scarecrow at the gardens in the Bellagio.  He was so cute!  Gotta have him!

They had these big Pumpkins everywhere at the Bellagio...and yes they were real!

Ashley, my wonderful husband John and myself!

We had a wonderful time...see you all tomorrow!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

~Is it TIME yet??~

I am growing very impatient. I WANT to decorate for Fall. The problem is we are leaving this week for a little Vegas getaway! While gone my son and Miss Latte (I've introduced her before) are staying at our house to watch our dogs. Now just my son being here would be no problem at all (oh wait...I guess I better refrain from that statement until I get back, he loves our yard so much...he's having a party...yikes). Miss Latte however... "houston we have a problem"! She has decided that she can now eat anything SHE wants! Gosh...that has included a bunch of my stuff, so I'm not decorating until we get home.

In the meantime, here is a little eye candy for me to drool over (guess I better change my shirt now...hehe)!

So simple yet so inviting!

Oh, the black crow just makes this display!
Trick or Treat anyone?
This is elegant!

My heart just skips a beat over this combination...doesn't yours?

I could just grab a seat and spend some time here!

Great centerpiece for any table...

Bittersweet, gourds, pumpkins and a wheel barrel...just gotta have this!

In love...inviting...

These would look great with a skeleton out front...ummmm...maybe???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~A Time of Reflection~

A day of reflection...let us never forget…

The day the "American Dream" Changed. 
It is ironic that when we are in distress the call we are to make is to 911?
9-11 a day to never forget!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Is it really time to start fall decorating?  I was helping a friend of mine put up her fall decorations, the more we put out the more I wanted to come home and rush to get mine up too!

While I am holding back a bit, it did get me to daydreaming (no...not me...really!).  One thing I have always wanted to do is take a trip to the upper East Coast in the fall to see the colors.  I love fall colors (ok, so pink is my all time fav, but the reds, oranges, yellows and browns...*sigh*), it just makes my heart skip a beat! 

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do...go's ok! 

Takes my breath away!

Walking down this path...holding hands with your love!

A horseback ride through the fields with those beautiful colors ...any one up for a ride??

Something about churchs in the fall...

I hope you enjoyed a little mini tour...Can I book my trip for next fall right now...can I huh, can  I please???

Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Here I am again!~

The brain blockage came back (yikes)!  I think I've had too much on my mind lately and have spent way too much time with Doctors this summer!  It seems like I'm always with one (ugh)!  2 car accidents in a year can make you spend a lot of time with the good guys in white coats (hehe). 

I sat down tonight and had a long talk with myself (seems like that is getting to be the norm also...oh boy...I've finally lost it)!  I've decided that I can not let all this stuff get me down and not enjoy life!  I have to get back in the swing of with that little note...I thought I would share some pictures of my office.

So here goes...

I just had to have a glass paned door, stained dark...I love dark stained wood!

Oh boy...I forgot to hide the basket that contains some of my material...

Here is my glitter and ribbon organizer!

I tried to use as much "wall space" as possible so I hung my thread (I know it's not close to my machine but it was the perfect spot for it)!

Here are my built in shelves...All of the cabinets were on sale and unfinished.  I painted them and distressed them myself...

This side is my husbands side (yes...I have to share...*sigh*), but when he isn't here or I kick him's my sewing side (I love the double sided desk)!

Since this space functions as an office and craft room, I had JB( that's what his friends all call him), build this little file storage (it's really suppose to help keep me organized...don't tell JB that it really doesn't..HEHE)! It was a job for him, he had to route the boards then cut out thin plywood for the separators! I'm soooo glad he loves me!

My side...where all the magic happens!  The tops of both sides of the desk are made of recycled 2x4' honey cut and glued each board together then routed the edges...

My little dresser in the corner...found in the trash, it houses my material and a closer look at the vignette on top...

Here are my stools...I'm thinking about recovering them in burlap...what do you think?? Leave me a comment and let me know...

The desk is all hand built by JB and myself, JB was so sweet to listen to what I wanted and made additional storage at the end for my craft stuff and at the back for my CPU and cables...

Hope you enjoyed the tour and I look forward to your comments!  See ya tomorrow!