Sunday, September 12, 2010

~Is it TIME yet??~

I am growing very impatient. I WANT to decorate for Fall. The problem is we are leaving this week for a little Vegas getaway! While gone my son and Miss Latte (I've introduced her before) are staying at our house to watch our dogs. Now just my son being here would be no problem at all (oh wait...I guess I better refrain from that statement until I get back, he loves our yard so much...he's having a party...yikes). Miss Latte however... "houston we have a problem"! She has decided that she can now eat anything SHE wants! Gosh...that has included a bunch of my stuff, so I'm not decorating until we get home.

In the meantime, here is a little eye candy for me to drool over (guess I better change my shirt now...hehe)!

So simple yet so inviting!

Oh, the black crow just makes this display!
Trick or Treat anyone?
This is elegant!

My heart just skips a beat over this combination...doesn't yours?

I could just grab a seat and spend some time here!

Great centerpiece for any table...

Bittersweet, gourds, pumpkins and a wheel barrel...just gotta have this!

In love...inviting...

These would look great with a skeleton out front...ummmm...maybe???


  1. Love the Welcome Friends Wagon!

  2. Las Vegas sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a great time! That 8th picture with the steps has me wishing for front steps to decorate.