Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~Internal Battle~

I have an internal battle going…our house has a fairly large formal living room as you come in the front door (don’t most homes?). In the back off of the kitchen we have a very small family room (which happens to b 2 steps down from the main house). My battle…should I switch the 2 rooms? Our family room just seems too small right now! It is the main room we gather in when we have company (because of the TV and all the sports…the men like to watch)!

Is it weird to have your “formal living room” in the back of the house?? Does it even seem strange to you that I would have this battle?

I have been struggling with this dilemma for a week now! It was all prompted by my son…oh that boy! He is getting a new apartment and is taking our furniture in the family room. So on our quest to find new furniture the subject came up, switch the 2 rooms or leave it as is… Oh what to do……Any suggestions or comments on the big switch I would appreciate.

Well, that's it for today...BUT PLEASE come back tomorrow.  Iam going to feature a lovely blog that I found this week.  She has some amazing ideas!  See you tomorrow!



  1. I do not know what the two rooms look like, nor do I know what kind of furniture you have in the living room, so I do not feel comfortable giving suggestions (guess I should also add that I am not much of a decorator either). One idea that does come to mind though is actually a question - is the living room close/convenient enough to take food and drinks back and forth, and if you have company in the living room, will that separate you from guests and the "goings on" if you are fixing things in the kitchen?
    It will be interesting to see what you decide to do, and what the new furniture will look like. I hope you take lots of pictures and keep us posted.

  2. I am a big believer in making your house work for you. I say forget the rules and use the space in whatever way best suits your life right now. Go for it!