Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~Happy Birthday~

Tomorrow is my daughter Ashley's Birthday.  She will be hard to believe that my babygirl or babydukes as I call her will be that old! 

This is babydukes!  I love this black and white of her...

Vegas 2010 with her bestfriend Nicki or Howlie Girl as the family calls her!

So grown up!

This picture is a couple years old but one of my all time favorites of her!

In the last couple of months we have had our ups and downs.  On some level I think it is growing pains for us both.  She is growing and going away and I am trying to grow into an empty nester without her.
Over the last few years this girl has been my rock, my bestfriend, shopping partner and ray of sunshine!
I am a mom, I love my baby and I miss her so much every single day.  My hope is that once she
gets her growing pains out of the way, we can become as close as we have been in the last 3 years!  I really can't wait! 

So Happy Birthday babygirl.  I hope your day is as incredible as you are!
I love you mom...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nightstand Redo

Well, as promised I will show before and after photos of a pair of nightstands that I picked up for little of nothing!  I had fully planned on redoing these little (ok, not so little) and reselling them.  Once my daughter laid eyes on them, she had to have them for her place.  They turned out so cute and goes with her bed without further ado...

This is the before, green distressed but very blah...

Here it is, black (my daughters favorite furniture color)

I lined decoupaged the bottom with distressed scrapbook paper

Closer view ...

Here are the knobs that she picked, she did not like the I painted them...

Grey, outlined with black and layered a couple of layers of stain on to age them to perfection (and of course no close up...omg...I forgot!)

Here it is done, and slightly distressed!

Hammers, nails, chain...all do wonders to get that aged look...

So what do ya think?  The pair turned out great and she loves them...
She has a high bed so the taller legs were perfect!
Thanks so much for stoppin by and takin a peek...see you

Sunday, August 21, 2011

~My Homecoming~

I feel like I have been gone forever...and really I have!  When I first started blogging, I tried so hard to keep this blog very impersonal.  I thought that using this blog as an inspiration on decorating and such would be enough.  I found very quickly that it wasn' wasn't enough for me anyway.  I quickly ran out of inspiration photos that were new, new to me and my readers.  Then it felt as if I hit a wall, a big brick wall...I only wish the wall I hit was this beautiful!
One thing I have come to realize is that I miss blogging.  I miss the wonderful people that I had started connecting with. 

This although has been a very busy summer for me.  Mr. B had Shoulder Surgery.  I've been busy taking care of him.  He starts back to work Tuesday.  I think he is looking forward to it.  I know I will miss him but it is time to start my fall cleaning.  We had a hail storm again this summer that wiped out my flower gardens (oh how I hate that!). 

I have taken care of family members...done yard work and struggled with health & weight issues.  I have struggled to find my way through a maze of unemployment and trying to start an Internet business.  I must admit that I quickly became very discouraged on the Internet business and gave up (that did of course mean on my blog also).  In my mind they were connected!  I am trying to pull myself these...

One thing that I did do and loved every minute of it was...refinishing a set of nightstands for my daughters apartment...

I will post those pictures tomorrow...In the meantime...Have a wonderful evening and I will be back tomorrow...