Sunday, August 21, 2011

~My Homecoming~

I feel like I have been gone forever...and really I have!  When I first started blogging, I tried so hard to keep this blog very impersonal.  I thought that using this blog as an inspiration on decorating and such would be enough.  I found very quickly that it wasn' wasn't enough for me anyway.  I quickly ran out of inspiration photos that were new, new to me and my readers.  Then it felt as if I hit a wall, a big brick wall...I only wish the wall I hit was this beautiful!
One thing I have come to realize is that I miss blogging.  I miss the wonderful people that I had started connecting with. 

This although has been a very busy summer for me.  Mr. B had Shoulder Surgery.  I've been busy taking care of him.  He starts back to work Tuesday.  I think he is looking forward to it.  I know I will miss him but it is time to start my fall cleaning.  We had a hail storm again this summer that wiped out my flower gardens (oh how I hate that!). 

I have taken care of family members...done yard work and struggled with health & weight issues.  I have struggled to find my way through a maze of unemployment and trying to start an Internet business.  I must admit that I quickly became very discouraged on the Internet business and gave up (that did of course mean on my blog also).  In my mind they were connected!  I am trying to pull myself these...

One thing that I did do and loved every minute of it was...refinishing a set of nightstands for my daughters apartment...

I will post those pictures tomorrow...In the meantime...Have a wonderful evening and I will be back tomorrow...


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