Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Ready for the New Year!

This year I have been a slacker!  I wanted to post more on my blog, wanted to do more in my house, the list just goes on and on...But I can only do so much!  This year has been a lots of trails and tribulations...laughter and tears!  Not having a job, trying to over come health issues and work on financial issues has been a bit mind say the least.  But 2010 is almost over!  I am looking forward to the next year! 

I am going to do more, make more time for the small things, not worry so much about the things I can not control (oh I wish this where true...I've always been a big worrier)!  But with the New Year will bring a new adventure for me...I can not wait! 

With that, I have decided to share a few long overdue pictures of my Christmas tree and a few little decorations in my living room!  I hope you enjoy...

My Livingroom Coffee Table...
this is an old kitchen table that I cut the legs off of!  I love the patina!

My front entry! 

Another picture of the front entry...

Christmas Tree in the Livingroom!  The only tree I put up this year, usually have one in the familyroom also!

My country tablescape in my Diningroom.  I love these snowmen!

Well, I hope you loved taking a little peek at my Christmas Decorations!  I hope everyone's Christmas was Merry!

1 comment:

  1. You have many cheerful Christmas items with which to decorate, and angels are watching over your entry way.
    Love the coffee table! Looks like a well worn family piece.
    Hope this year will bring better things.