Sunday, June 27, 2010

~Sorority Rush~

We had our "Rush" party on Thursday! It is amazing looking at all of the talent these ladies have. I am truly blessed to share this experience with so many wonderful ladies!

I'm am trying my best to get to each and everyone to leave a comment and look at every little piece of eye candy out there! It's taking me some time though, my husband had me working like a dog this weekend. We are rebuilding our horse shoe pits. What a project, and I am working on a little something special to go on the fence next to the pits. Picture will be posted by mid week!

I must say, I did a saying on one of my Rush Projects and am getting amazing feedback about it and some ladies wanting it to be our "Motto". I am so flattered! Thanks to all who like it!

If I haven't seen you yet, I will! Have a great evening...

Separated by Land or Sea, Sisters we will always be!



  1. Hi, Terrie, I left a comment on the rush post, but then it disappeared; so I left another, and then there were two; then I tried to delete one and they both disappeared! At any rate, nice to meet you, "sister"!

    Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman

  2. So nice to meet you Sister! Love your blog though and I think your saying is a good one.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  3. Oh I love your "quote" and it is so true. I am so glad to meet you and be your new sister. I love the little cabin in the post below and your placque is just fabulous. So pretty. The pin cushion is great too. Very creative. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Terri, I m your newest follower.Your blog is absolutely beautifull.
    Greetings from Croatia (Europe), Biljana

  5. Hi Terrie, excuse me, I have to ask. Horse shoe pits? A place to shod horses, or toss horse shoes? Looking forward to your pictures.

    You did a great job on your project, and even turned out two. I have a bare minimum photo, but, is still in the camera. My husband and my son both tell me they will show me how to download the pictures soon. However, I did learn how to post the button to my side bar. Blogging is fairly new to me, and I am learning as I go along.

    That little cabin is adorable...did not see where she had room to use as a studio. The view from the porch is pretty good too.

    I'll be waiting for your horse shoe pit post!

  6. Hi Terrie!
    I'm still thinking of what we should do with your "motto" . . .
    Maybe a "Hot August Night" project . . . except in Australia is dead of winter . . . hmmmmmm.
    Put on your thinking cap Girl!
    I think I would just never leave (well except for food) if I had the little cabin below. Bummer she can't use it all year round; I'd put in a fireplace just so I could. I love winter, it's my favorite! And you live in my favorite place in the world, Colorado. You lucky, lucky girl!
    Have you learned how to upload your pictures yet? :) My Mac makes things like that so flippin easy . . . LOVE IT!
    Have a great day and a safe 4th!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds