Monday, June 7, 2010

~Cute little reclaimed Bench~

I happened across the cutest little reclaimed item this morning and thought I’d share. I now think I must run out and find an old headboard and get busy! I have several places where this little beauty would look great (and the daydreaming begins)!...Well, back to sharing the photos and instructions with you all.

Fist we have got to find the perfect head and footboard to a twim or full size bed... it is...

Then we cut it in half, like this...

Next, before you start screwing anything together, sand each of the pieces to take some of the paint off so that when you give it a finial coat of paint the wood will show through. The next step is to screw the foot board onto the headboard to create the right and left sides of the this...

Now...shape the foot board pieces so that they would fit better at the back and look like they were made that way. Notice on the above picture how they were shaped downward and the back of the bench...Otherwise the foot board pieces would just hit the headboard above the flat part of the legs and it just would look plain weird. Ok, now built a box inside the bench out of 2x4's. This gives a place to attach the slats for the seat of the bench. Paint the the 2x4's and the slats with Kilz to help keep the bench from rotting (not really neccessary if you will leave it inside)! 

Getting close...time for paint!  This is from Wal-Mart, it is a great great ballet pink. So coat the bench with the two coats of the paint you choose.  Wait for it to dry then take your handy sander to it. What a lovely shabby chic look that sanding off part of the paint gives.
I found this on here:

Have a wonderful day...Hugs!

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