Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~Little Treasures~

I thought I would share with you all some little treasures that I have acquired. The bottles and iron were in a tub from the family property in Arkansas. The little table and skates belonged to my cousin.

Cute little table, I'm thinking a coat of chippy white paint and a little sanding to see her "deep down" beauty. 

Who doesn't love old roller skates!  Used to go every Saturday morning as a kid and teen, now I'm not sure if I could even stand up straight with them on!

Old Sid Iron, there are tons floating around but this one has the original rust (just kidding), pretty rusty though!

Bottles, they are very dirty!  Need to get them spiffed up a little!  he lid on the bottle in the second picture as what appears to be dirt crusted to the top, but really looks like rust.  It says "Horlicks Malted Milk" on the bottle with a piece of hardened malted milk still in it!

I think this little beauty will turn into a "hook board" with flower vase.

I will let you know what happens to all of these little treasures and show pictures when I get them under way!

Have a wonderful evening!

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