Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~Backyard Photos~

Good Morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend! My time was spent doing yard work, enjoying a couple of barbeques and then of course there was the dreaded viral infection. I started not feeling well on Thursday, by Friday ended up at the Dr. and getting a round of antibiotics. Feeling much better today, but still a little under the weather!

We have accomplished a lot in our backyard but still have so much to go. In July 2009, we had a devastating storm come through our neighborhood. It wiped out our yard (front and back), total we were in the $30k range for damage to our house and property (this does not include autos)! After that, we had really just given up on the yards, so much blood, sweat and then tears were put into it that it was too much to think of rebuilding. Well, this year my daughter said to my husband and I that she wanted to host her 21st birthday party in our backyard because it was so "cool". She has always been our biggest fan for the backyard (although my son likes it too). With that being said, we decided to go ahead and start the rebuild project. Along the way, things started growing...oh, I'm sure you know how that is! First we tackled a redo around both trees, there were flat bricks there but a "build up" seemed in order. Then we replanted the side yard. I still have to stain or paint the arbor (John built that years ago for me). When looking at the pictures, never mind the shed, that is still a project for later this summer(left over storm stuff)! Most everything we use is re-cycled to a point. Large bricks from the front yard reused in the back, moving plants from one location to another! Gotta love insurance though, they don't pay for plants or trees! My poor Aspen in the pictures has holes from the hail, it is trying hard to survive! Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.

New ring around the crabapple tree!

I always have...Pansies, Sweet William and Violas in my gardens. These Viola's are mixed with Lilies and Hosta's.
Apple tree...still have a couple of flowers to plant around here!

Side Garden...

To paint or stain the arbor?

My path through the garden!

My poor Aspen, maybe just maybe, she will get stronger this summer.  I windmill was a present from my brother, John the other day asked if I wanted to get rid of it because it is not in the best shape.  He took it out of the garden then looked at me and said, "no this was the last thing your brother gave you and he put it right back for me!  I really didn't want to get rid of it but was willing to part with it, I'm so glad he kept it!
Well, until tomorrow...Hugs!

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  1. Very pretty! Looks like a great backyard to have parties in!!!