Friday, June 25, 2010

~It's called "My Shabby Streamside Studio"~

As I was logging into Yahoo today an article caught my eye. There is a very talented woman (Sandra Foster) in the Catskills who turned a 9x10 hunting cabin into her studio by a stream. She did all the carpentry herself (amazing)!

Words can not describe this cute little Victorian Cottage. I will share some of the pictures but please take a look at her blog HERE for more information and to see some other photos.

I hope you will be as amazed as I am at this great little studio.



A Little peek inside...

These are the same roses that I used on my Sorority Pin Cushion, I love them!


What an incredible lady, so talented and what an eye for beauty! Thank you Sandra for allowing your Studio to be shared with everyone!

I hope you stop by her blog for a visit. This makes my heart go pitter-patter!



  1. I saw that, too! WOW.....she's really ambitious AND talented!


  2. Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this post, bloggerette sister! :)

  3. I saw this too! Thsi article gave me hope!:) I wanted to share it too but wasn't sure about the legalities of it all. I'm still not sure of all the Internet photo posting etiquette! ♥

  4. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!