Friday, April 30, 2010

~Quick Updates with a Vintage Twist for your Kitchen~

Spring is the time that we get in the mood for updating our homes.  Here are some quick and inexpensive updates that you can do over a weekend to give your kitchen a vintage twist!

Add a pop of color to your pantry door. Either a quick paint job or an inexpensive screen door with a paint job. Your choice of color...of course!

Who wouldn’t love this spice rack in their kitchen? Old Soda Bottle Carriers, they are great for a multitude of uses, but this is by far the best! I would use white paint to accent the “bottom” of the rack, or maybe red…blue…whatever would coordinate with your kitchen colors! I want one…

Paint your wood floor?? This is a great way to update!

Add an old armoire, paint the outside to match your cabinets and the inside 2 or 3 shades darker. Add pops of color in canisters or appliances. Another great thing with an armoire is to add glass or chicken wire to the upper doors. This allows your appliances or storage containers to be the focal point of the piece.

Update your chairs with paint or fabric, "sew" simple!

The most frugal way to update cabinets is your knobs! In this picture she used green glass knobs on all of her cabinets (I know it’s kinda hard to see, sorry)! But the update is quick, easy and inexpensive!!

I hope you can find a quick, inexpensive way to update your kitchen!  If you have something that you've done and want to share pictures send them to me!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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