Friday, April 9, 2010

At long last, I can begin to tend to my gardens - the trees have begun to show their first buds and the weather is suppose to be warm this weekend. Everything around us is coming to life, spring is certainly here!
I am a gardener. I love the process of tending and nurturing my favorite perennial varieties. The prospect of adding annuals to a garden makes me smile.  You can instantly add a dash to color to any area. 

Tomorrow is the day, looking for a new tree and planing a new perennial garden.  Last year we added a new porch and flower beds to the front of the house, finishing touches this year.  I will post pictures tomorrow at the "middle" of the project and later this summer when all is done!  I look forward to seeing the previous summer's work literally come to life! This summer we will also focus on adding and tweaking the already established beds  and the pond...there will be a lot of muscle involved (oh how my husband cringes at that)!

May all of you enjoy some time outside this weekend doing what you love!


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