Friday, April 23, 2010

Island Style

Today I turn my thoughts to the Islands. My husband is from the Island of Guam. On days like this where it is cold, raining and now snowing I always turn to thoughts of warm weather places. That brings me to, "Island Style Decorating". Just dreaming of a warm paradise island where there the living is easy.

Guam Pictures
Guam Sunset
Latte Stone Park

Thanks Coastal Living for giving us 10 Essentials for "Island Style" Decorating, they are:

~ Umbrella's

~ Sugar White Walls

~ Shades of Light

~ Rattan Furniture

~ Mosaics

~ Striped Rugs

~ Pairs

~ Shutters

~ Batik Prints

~ Embroidered Bedding

Here are a few pictures to give you that "Warm" feeling on the inside! As always, I'm inspired by the Islands. A special Thanks to my husband for bringing the islands to my life!

Hafa Adai!

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