Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~New Love~

I have finally been able to sit down and reflect on the past month!  So much has happened, not all good and certainly not all bad!  It has been for sure a very weird month though!  Home projects, struggles, moving of my son and so much more...one of the hardest is the loss of two friendships.  For the past 4 years there has been a constant struggle with one of my best friends (imagine, friends since 8th grade and we are almost 50)!  I think I have finally come to the determination that sometimes...you just have to let go.  I am certainly not perfect in the end result in the friendship but I am just at a point where with my life letting go is easier than the fight!  Right, wrong or indifferent that's how it is for now!  I don't need to go into detail, but just sayin...friendships take work...hard work on both sides!  Maybe some day they can heal, but for now...I'm letting go...Well, now that this is off my chest, let's get on to some happier more upbeat stuff!

I have been working on a swap...My first one... I'm so excited!  Working on the scary bathroom (pictures to come) and now the family room.  Wow, I should do one thing at a time!  

Also, as the headline reads...I have a new LOVE!  Well, maybe not so new but I will show you.... 

 Boots for the Cure...You can find them here!
These little hotties can be found here!

These beauties can be found here!

Bird Inlay, such work and craftsmanship...find them here...

Purple...so sweet...can be found here!

 Both of these saaaweete numbers can be found here!
I have always loved cowboy boots!  Now back in the day (oh man am I aging myself!) we didn't have hot little numbers like these...and I am in LOVE (am I getting too old to wear these??)!  Enjoy browsing for your new pair of boots!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Maybe letting go of the friendship will be what actually saves it. Time, time, time.

    These are the fanciest, foot stomping boots that I believe that I have ever seen. Too old? Nah, just consider what you wear them with.

  2. Wow! Amazing boots:)))
    Hugs, Biljana