Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~I'm getting a New Bathroom~

Yippee...JB is finally getting around to remodeling the main floor bathroom.  It's been fun looking at so many pictures of different bathrooms out there!  One thing I have come to question...does no one live in a regular size home with regular size bathrooms?  Every pictures out there is so beautiful (some make me drool)...but they are all so big.  While I know that many steal space from another room or build one...that's not an option for us!  We simply have the space we have and have to make it work for us!  We start demo Saturday (I can't wait)! 
Here are some inspiration photos I just love and there are so many more (my heart goes pitter- patter)...this will be a week of bathrooms....
I love the shutters...our window is in our tub area so not sure if it will work but checking on some options!

Wainscoting...swooning over the stool and large basket...oh and the simple rope towel holder...

Love, love, love the room in mine but a wide shelf over the toilet? (I'm thinking JB is gonna have a lot of work to do in this room)!

Again...the wainscoting...this time to add to the front of the tub...I seen Just Beachy did the same thing...beautiful

Tin ceiling...oh my................(slap me back to reality now, I LOVE it)!

There is nothing about this picture I don't love...Looking for a dresser now to go into the space for my sink!

The storage cupboards are to die for.

So serene,light and airy.

Find storage where you can!

Well, I can't wait to get started.  I will be posting pictures of before (oh, please don't judge) and after (hope it makes someone else's heart go pitter-patter).  Will keep you updated on the finished project!

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  1. The one common thing in all your pics is the light, and I like the light, and uncluttered.
    Our baths are big enough to be functional. Often I think, "If only a foot wider."
    Your first picture really grabs the eye - perhaps because of the brown shutters contrasting with the white walls. If you really want the shutters, you might see if you can find some plain ones that are plastic type material. Some of those do look like wood.
    I have always enjoyed watching the progress on makeovers.