Monday, July 26, 2010

~Brain Blockage~

Have you ever felt like you just can't think anymore? I am so there! In one month my youngest (and only daughter) turns the BIG 21 (yikes...where did the time go??). She wants a big party for her birthday, so we have been busy slaving away trying to get some things done. It seems like time is running out! My mind has been spinning all summer so far, what project is most important, what is next on the list what can wait...etc. I'm sure you all have been there too!

It's given me BRAIN BLOCKAGE! I can't seem to focus on one task long enough to get it complete, my mind is jumping like a fish lookin for flies! How do I get over this? Well, so far this morning...this little bit of beauty has helped re focus me. I committed myself to spend 1/2 hour each morning looking at different home decor and sharing rooms ideas from each. We will take a peek at French Country, Country, Shabby Chic, Western (Rustic), South Western...the list could go on and on...There are so many styles and mix of styles it is impressive to see how talented people blend them to create beautiful rooms!

Without any more rambling, today is French Country Day...

Love the bed, just a subtle hints of different shades of blue. And look at that little table, simple but so beautiful!

So simple and charming! The bed is really the statement here!

Small scaled furnishing, fit for a little princess! The tiled floor and distressed walls are so elegant!

Everything in this room screams french Country!  So beautiful...

Well, I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day, see you soon!


  1. mmm well I suffer from Brain Blockage all the time. I TRY to focus but, sigh, am rarely successful. Making a list really helps until I lose the list, which happens pretty quickly :))
    French Country...beautiful! My style is like my mind...a hodge podge because I love it allll.


  2. Yes, I did enjoy the notes about the barn. That place is just the sort of place I would like to have.
    The pictures of rooms you choose are always so soothing as well as pretty.
    My youngest turned 21 about 3 years ago. Off in grad school now, and I miss her so. Happy for her, but do I ever miss her.
    Hope the party plans go well.

  3. Hi Terri!
    I love french country, such beautiful pictures:)) Hugs, Biljana

  4. I love French Country, too! To me it is so warm and comfy!
    P.S. My oldest is 21 and my youngest is 5! Talk about brain blockage!

  5. Hi Terry! I love french country too. very nice picture. hugs,tina