Thursday, August 16, 2012

~Sharing a peronsal tragedy~

For the last few months it seems that life has really thrown us some curve balls.  Our latest curve would be that our nephew went missing.  It is 8 days today.  He is gone, just vanished.  No sign of him or his car.  How does that happen?  The longer he is gone the longer the days seem to be.  We all sit and search the internet for clues, words, signs...anything that we can get or grasp!  Here is a copy of one of the many news articles that have went out about him...Missing Endangered Adult - Chris Babauta

He is 28 and we want him to come home!  The feelings that are present in all of us family members near & far is the same.  It's taking a toll on all of us.  We cry, we think, we pause, we don't sleep, we have anxiety.  We can only pray, pray that he comes home us, his family SAFE!  There is little real concentration, little conversations that don't involve him, Chris being gone.  We are now the "family" that people feel sorry for, pray for and try to comfort.  There is little comfort that he is gone and we have no answers, no leads, we are left with only questions.  Chris, I pray that you will come home to us soon.  We all love and miss you more than you could ever know!

Aunt Terrie

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