Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting Started Again!

It's time to jump back in the saddle!

This year so far, has been one crazzzyy mess...both in good ways and in bad!  We've had a lot of personal stuff happening. 

We planned this for a whole year...

With this, came all 3 of these little angels...our new granddaughters...aren't they cute??

Then came a very serious surgery for my sister, the death of my brother in law
and so much more...

With all of this going on, I haven't had much time to think of blog posts, keep my online store up to date or have much of a life.

Now that it's mostly over...I want to get back on track and get my life going again!
(And OMG I started a new job in the midst of all of this, he's been pretty patient but I think I've over-extended his kindness...he thinks I'm crazy or have too much of a crazy life to deal with...can he please walk in my shoes for a day??!!)

My hope is to get my blog back on track, get my store up to date, start working on my projects again and enjoy life, family & friends!!

So...with that, this first post back I've decided to feature some pictures that are my inspiration and favorite color right now...

Aqua, baby blue, teal, Tiffany blue and turquoise - they are all speaking to me at this moment in time...maybe the guest room will get a little makeover this month...

This is the look I'd love the guest bedroom to have...
I can't say enough how much I'm in love with Coastal Design right now
(picture from Interior Design Pros)

I've been working on something similar to this but with a little difference...tutorial to come when it's completed!
(picture from oakstudioofdesign...etsy)

Azure Blue accent wall, by Jim Howard via Unique in love!

A pop of turquoise, nothing better and goes with any design style you want!
(Caccoma Interiors)

Until tomorrow enjoy!

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