Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, it sure has been a while since I have posted! I have been here just super is a little peek of some of the stuff I have been up to...I will do a full reveal on Friday, as I will be completely done by then!

Of course, I forgot to take before pictures of the light I snapped a quick picture of the box!  Yes the fixture was brushed nickel, I wanted it black!  A can of spray paint goes a long way...

Here is the after!  I love it.  I added seeded glass shades.

  Doesn't it look great!  This is in the "new" bathroom.  This room was one of two left for the upstairs remodel.  I love the way it is turning out! 

Now...check out the mirror.  I got the idea from Sasha over at {show&tell}
If you have not checked out her blog, you really need to hop on over and check it out!  You will be blown away...she is GREAT!
Plain builders mirror glued to the wall, I used Liquid Nails!

Three different mouldings were used, this is outside corner moulding, used for the very outside edge.
Baseboard was used and screen moulding.

Baseboard, I painted the backside edge so as not to show reflection in the mirror

Screen moulding on top, corner on bottom!

 It was put together like so...screen moulding, baseboard, screen moulding then the outside corner moulding.

I love the way it turned out!  There will be more pictures with the final reveal!

See you again on Friday for the big reveal!!


  1. This looks terrific, and I love your determination to make it what you want.
    That is bascially what I want to do with our bathroom mirror. It has those little flowerette looking wall attachments in all the corners. I have been looking for a type of attachment that would lie flatter on the mirror and would allow me to put the molding over it.
    I'll be waiting on Friday.

  2. Mya,
    Sorry friday came and went and no new pictures! We have a little problem to overcome in the bathroom, we put a sealer on the floor and it is still tacky...6 days later. Had to call a tile guy today. We will have it done soon now that we know what we have to do to the tile. We have not been able to walk on it to finish up. Live and learn!!